As the son of a WWII veteran, a former soldier and a retired police officer, it has been my life-long dream to honor those remarkable individuals who put their life on the line for the safety and security of others.

The idea for this website has been on my mind for a few years and now I’m taking the opportunity to make it a reality.

Our nation’s history is full of brave men and women who had the guts and integrity to stand up and fight for freedom, and they should never be forgotten.

The “Memorial Wall” was established to remember and honor those forgotten heroes who have served in the armed forces protecting this great nation of ours, all the way back to the American Revolution.

Behind every veteran is a small piece of individual history and sacrifice. For too many it was the ultimate sacrifice.

The Memorial Wall is specifically designed to personalize each veteran’s history: who they are and what they did. You may upload photographs so everyone can see who these great Americans are.

rotating emblems of the military branchesI want to personally extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who took time out to honor these veterans on this site.

Doug Robbins

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